This week Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen plan to move to their home in a more remote area. Each time they cross provincial borders they need to get official paperwork, a time consuming task. They have learnt that they just have to be very flexible these days!

Ragnar and a good friend who knows about electrics have been working on the house this week. On a previous trip, Ragnar was able to take a fridge and new windows – both given to them for their new adventure.  It will be great when they literally get to move and have all of this running around from office to office, getting papers signed behind them.

It is amazing how they have been getting to know more and more people around them where they are currently living just when it is time to leave. They have enjoyed their time there. They trust they will be able to make new friends and settle in their new home, although life is going to be very different.

Ragnar and Elizabeth have been enjoying having a Bible study with a group of interested people and are thankful that it has been going well.  They met the people on their morning walks. They have been looking for someone to take their place for the Bible study when they move and are very thankful that they found a man who is very happy to continue with the meetings.  When Ragnar and Elizabeth first met him and had a chat, they found out that he is from one of the villages where an NTM missionary lived for many years!

The Kankanaey Bibles continue to sell. Each week brings an interesting story. After selling quite a few Bibles at a church, the pastor asked Ragnar and Elizabeth for three more boxes. The church has a daily radio broadcast and they have started to talk about the Kankanaey Bibles every morning, and have had many requests for them – even one from someone who has moved to Hong Kong!  Praise the Lord.