Moving toward maturity

In February, Chris Hostetter and two of his co-workers flew into a Pal village in Papua New Guinea along with a church elder from another tribe and a church development consultant. They worked alongside the consultant as he conducted a mature church evaluation of the Pal church. They took him around to many of the Pal hamlets, and he spent two days with believers. He asked about their knowledge of Scripture, assessed their ability to use Scripture, and sought to learn how Scripture is changing their lives. This experience with the church development consultant revealed areas where the believers are strong, and areas where further teaching and discipleship is necessary. Now, as a team, they are discussing how to move the Pal church forward towards maturity in Christ. How can they boost the literacy programme so that reading Scripture is not such a struggle for many people? What materials do they need to put into the Bible teachers’ hands so they are better equipped to carry out their ministry? Are there men ready to step up, become elders, and shepherd the Pal church? What are the areas where they still need to do further equipping so these men are fully prepared for that ministry? Pray for them as they evaluate these things and make plans. They are seeking to build up the Pal church to the fullness of Christ.

Chris, Maggie and family are three months from home assignment (Lord willing)! They had planned to take a six-month furlough in 2020, but due to the pandemic stayed in PNG. Now this year they are absolutely planning to take a furlough. However, as they have all seen, ‘we make our plans, but the Lord directs our steps.’ Pray that they will be able to return to the USA this coming June and that those plans will come together and they will be able to make the trip.

A lot is planned to happen in the next couple of months. They will all be heading into the tribe during their kids’ school break in late March. In April, Chris and Maggie will be traveling to attend a consultants’ meeting, Chris is a culture and language acquisition consultant, and Maggie is a translation consultant in training. Chris will also go on a few trips in May – one more back to the Pal tribe, and a couple for consultant work.

Praise God!

They are all pretty healthy and well.

Literacy school began in a new location in February.

A few Pal men are really stepping up and taking ownership of the work.

Please Pray for…

Their many travels in these next couple of months.

Their furlough plans to come together.

Wisdom in how to continue building up the Pal believers.