Moving time

Peter and Rachel Bittle and family have arrived on a new island in Asia-Pacific!

It was an exhausting month: buying furniture, packing up and planning to travel. A month full of goodbyes, and thanking people for their help, kindness and encouragement, and asking for forgiveness in case they had offended or hurt them in any way (culture). This takes a long time when you consider neighbours, church friends, co-workers etc.

After they packed their belongings into a container, they were left with only suitcases, and so thought it would be a good idea to go to the beach, for some rest. It was amazing, the first time at the beach in almost 18 months, swimming in the warm sea and breathing in the fresh sea air was wonderful.

Continue to pray for Peter, Rachel and family with the new transitions that they face. Currently they are waiting for our container to arrive, so that they can unpack and get back into language study.

Although they were encouraged at their third language evaluation by their progress, they still have a long way to go. Pray for Peter and Rachel as they start to think about the higher levels of language – persuasion, opinions, hortatory (giving exhortation or advice), comparisons etc.

Pray for continued endurance over the coming months before their home assignment.

Thank you for standing with them in prayer. He is faithful.