Moving on Monday

On Monday 5th September, Becky Noble, who has served as a teacher for the past four years in Papua New Guinea, will move into her room at North Cotes College (NCC). Becky starts the Foundations course the next day (Tuesday 6th).

Prayer points are summarised below using NCC to help you remember them.

New things: Please pray for Becky as she meets new people and make friends. She has mixed emotions about the prospect of more changes and making yet another new group of friends. Pray that they will get on well as they live and work very closely together with shared facilities. She will also be getting used to a new area of the country, a new routine, a different bed, different meals, cooler weather etc. etc. While this should not be as challenging as moving across the other side of the world, your prayers are still appreciated.

Course: Becky is excited about being able to spend so much time learning about God’s Word but is not overly keen on becoming a student again after so many years in the role of teacher and she wonders how well she will focus and take in everything. Sitting still and listening carefully is not one of her strengths! It will be a jam-packed and intense schedule with assignments to complete each week. Please pray that Becky will make the most of this opportunity, that she would not just gain head knowledge, but that she would really grow in her love for the Lord and His Word. The first modules are Bible Study Methods, Bibliology, and the Pentateuch, alongside the Bible Memory, and Practical Programme, which run throughout the course.

Church: Becky would particularly value your prayers for guidance as to which local church to be a part of and that she would be able to settle in well and quickly. There will also be many opportunities to serve in different ways at the college, in the local community, and in church. Please pray for wisdom for Becky to know what to get involved with, while keeping up with her course commitments.

Please pray for all the students as they settle into their new routine and start to study.