Moving forwards

It is four years since Chris and Ingrid Hughes and family first landed in Papua New Guinea. They did not expect it to take so long for them to start working in a tribe, or have so many closed doors along the way. However, the road ahead looks like it is starting to clear…

They have been getting input, from mission leadership and praying over what they ought to do next. It is worth investigating the option of going to Mamusi without expat co-workers. Chris and Ingrid would be very open to another missionary family joining them at some point, but for now, they feel that they ought to keep moving forwards. Part of this decision making process, has been talking with other families who are in the bush by themselves to gain a greater understanding of the logistics. Chris spent a week in a different bush location with a family whose work has many similarities to Mamusi.

Chris has also been on two trips into Mamusi over the last couple of months. He has spent time with the Mamusi leaders to see the needs of the church and the expectations of the role of both missionaries and the believers. Chris and Ingrid want to invest their time and energy in what the people cannot do for themselves. They also asked about where they would build their house, and what would help the people to feel comfortable with Chris and Ingrid living among, and working with them. The people have been preparing and praying for missionaries for years – just in case! This was very cool for Chris and Ingrid to see.

Chris and Ingrid are grateful and excited to see a road opening up before them even though they are still unclear on many of the details. The last four years have not been easy but looking back they can see God working in their hearts and lives in so many ways, growing their passion for discipleship and Bible teaching, regardless of what that looks like.

Now they will need to start house building preparation in earnest – purchasing materials, deciding on how to get wood, buying furniture and building kitchen cupboards. The whole house building process is incredibly daunting. Pray that skilled people on the field will be available to help at the right times, for provision to get what they need and for God to strengthen their hearts for the months ahead.


  • Praise God for direction concerning how they can move forward.
  • Praise God for other missionaries in similar situations who can speak into their situation.
  • Praise God for all the details that came together to make the recent Mamusi trips happen – many of the logistics needed to line up, especially as there is currently a shortage of mission pilots.
  • Praise God for the provision and opportunity for a family break.
  • Pray for wisdom and a continued open door to keep moving forwards towards Mamusi.
  • Pray for provision, courage and clear minds as they start preparing for house building.

Chris and Ingrid are so grateful for your prayers.