Moving forward

Jonathan and Dian Langhardt with Benaja and Lukas serve at a missionary training centre in Asia-Pacific. After the summer break, classes began on 3rd August. At the end of August, the second floor of their house was renovated to include a guest room for which they are very thankful.

A delivery of 1,200 Bibles, packed in 75 boxes for which Jonathan had agreed to coordinate the transport and storage, arrived at this time too. The Bibles are for an ethnic group in their region. 500 copies have now been transported on, while the remaining 700 copies will be temporarily stored for a longer period. To do this, Jonathan had to get plastic containers and wrap the Bibles to protect them from moisture and vermin.

In September, Jonathan was able to help teach ‘General learning and Bible study methods’. He enjoyed being with the 15 new students. From 1st November, God willing, Jonathan along with his national co-worker and their assistant, will teach through the four gospels. This will help students become better acquainted with the life of Christ and learn more about what He has done for them personally. Please pray for this endeavour! There is still a lot of lesson preparation to do!

Dian is now on the childcare team with two other women as her former helpers left. It has been very exhausting for her in the last few months. Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom, good communication and success in taking good care of the little ones! In her free time, Dian really enjoys visiting the female students in the dormitory. Praise the Lord, since most of the campus residents are now vaccinated against Covid, life has, relaxed a little again.

Benaja made new friends in nursery but often misses friends that have left. Pray for him to enjoy his time there. Lukas is growing tall and enjoys the freedom of playing outside.

Work is ongoing for the new school building. They are glad that they are nearing the end of the construction work. The walkway around the building was concreted and the four rooms have already been painted. Now only the exterior painting, the painting of the doors and the interior fittings need to be completed. They are all grateful for this new space!

Jonathan and Dian are planning a time of home assignment in Germany, June 2022,

Thank you for your support through prayer.