Moving forward

Jonathan and Rachel Willcock serve itinerantly with Global Partners in Latin America. With the new freedoms that are being enjoyed in England, they have dusted off their display board, updated it, and have been very pleased to be able to start sharing in various places in the UK.

Although ministry has been very different than what they would have expected a couple of years ago, it has been good. The different projects and meetings that they are involved in over the internet have been moving forward and they are encouraged with the progress that is being made.

Jonathan is involved in a project which involves online training for people who are in places where access to in-person Bible and missionary training is impossible for different reasons. There have been some long days of preparation, but it is going well, and Jonathan has enjoyed preparing lessons and being involved with a good team of missionaries.

As part of his consulting responsibilities, Jonathan has been involved in helping a missionary in Latin America with phonemic analysis. This is a part of the process of creating an alphabet for a language that doesn’t have one and that in turn helps with literacy, Bible translation and lesson writing for the people group. He has also met with a team that has recently moved into an area and are still determining the best place for them to live, where they can learn the language and culture of the people and have the most impact. He finds this kind of work very interesting and fulfilling and he loves helping with these kinds of projects.

Both Jonathan and Rachel have served as sounding boards for missionaries that are struggling, need help with decision making, or just need someone to talk to who understands some of the difficulties of the mission field.


As international travel starts to become a real option again, pray for them as they contemplate possible trips starting in the new year. They hope to visit the USA for a couple of months to spend some time with family. They also have some ministry opportunities lined up while they are there.

They have invitations to various countries in Latin America and at times the work can feel overwhelming. Pray for them to have wisdom as they make decisions concerning when and which countries to travel to, and how much they should stay in England and do ministry over the internet. Both provide opportunities to further the Gospel in different ways.