Moving forward

Geoff and Shannon Husa and family are mostly settled into their new place for the next seven months. They are so thankful to be there, if even for just a short period. Since they moved into a place that is already furnished, they decided it was a good time to simplify their lives a bit and sell off some of their furniture so that there is no need to store and deal with quite so much when they go on home assignment next year.

Originally, school was planned to restart in September, but because of all the cancelled flights due to Covid, the school staff have not been able to return. It is hoped the school can reopen in January. Shannon will continue to home school all four kids until it starts up again, and has even volunteered to help a local neighbour with one of their kids. The kids’ school is all laid out on a computer programme that they follow. Definitely different from what they are used to! Next year when they are home, they are planning that at least one of the kids can attend a Christian school.

Geoff and Shannon have been enjoying getting a head start on shopping for a house for their time at home, and have even found themselves fascinated by the world of real estate. They are looking to rent the house out when they are away.

Other than about a month long interruption for moving, the translation project continues along nicely. Geoff managed to draft up to chapter twenty in Revelation! He should be working with his translation helper at this point, but all their communication with Mibu has been cut off because of an issue with the power. They have been unable to go to fix it. It has been about a month without much communication at all. Geoff or his co-worker Chris hope that they can visit in November to fix the problem and get the system up and running again. It just highlights again, how many cogs in the machine have to be working in order to get their work done! Geoff is continuing work on the draft.

The little bit of communication they have had regarding the church is positive. There may be some rising persecution in a couple of the outreach areas, but they have not been able to determine for sure. Overall, the church remains strong, people continue to meet and encourage one another in the Lord and to move forward in hope!

Thank you all for your continued prayers.