Moving back to Hoskins

Jan and Annette Wols, who serve in Papua New Guinea, have returned from Kavieng to Hoskins. They had a good time there at the mission centre and with those who are the centre managers now. Jan and Annette were able to make themselves profitable by reviewing the running of the guesthouse, taking on the centre while their co-workers were on break and doing needed maintenance jobs like: repair a leaking water tank, unplugging the grey water, terminating termites, building a room divider, painting, and so on.

Now they are back at Hoskins they have more time to work on proofreading the Lamogai Old Testament and the revision of the literacy programme.

They made appointments with the two believers who are living in the city, who are working on the proofreading with them. They are planning to have them stay with them at the centre for a bit to encourage them (their houses were recently burnt to the ground)and to work with them going through their notes on the spelling and questions they have about the text. They are reading through 1 and 2 Chronicles and Annette started the book of Job.

Jan and Annette’s home church in the Netherlands is promoting the Lamogai-Bible-Printing Project. They want to help by providing the funds to print and ship 2000 Lamogai Bibles. Currently, the Lamogai missionaries and the Lamogai churches have saved over half of the £14,000 they estimate it would need for the project. They praise the Lord for His provision.

Pray for wisdom as Jan and Annette contact printers to review what quality Bibles they can print at what cost. A Bible that will endure the tropical climate and rough conditions, with its shipping, might cost £30 each. They trust the Lord to provide the remaining funds by the time they can start printing and shipping, hopefully in the coming year.

To donate specifically for the project see the link and note below.  Click ‘Other’ in the Destination box and state: LAMOGAI BIBLE