Movers and shakers …

The believers gathered for the annual meeting to raise awareness and support for the Loron translation project.
They spent almost four hours discussing various aspects of the work and everyone left encouraged with the progress and enthused about the future. They are so keen to have the Bible in their language. Please pray for the two men working on producing drafts, and also for the two men currently doing a back-to-French translation of Matthew’s Gospel for the Bible translation consultant who will be checking the translation.
Recently Paul and Marina travelled for a couple of hours by motorcycle along some pretty treacherous dirt tracks to get to a little group of Loron people who have expressed an interest in hearing the Gospel. They had a great time with them and look forward to helping to bring the Word of Life to these folks. Please pray for the Loron Bible teachers as they teach and preach the Word of God in many scattered Loron communities. Also pray for Marina as she starts teaching a weekly Bible study with the Loron Christian ladies.

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