More than conquerors through Christ

Young Ese Ejja men tragically turn from the scriptural teaching of their childhood.

“God will win. Righteousness will triumph. And the truth will prevail,” Mike and Cher Riepma affirm emphatically. And yet, they share, it’s very obvious to them that the father of lies is working overtime to blind people to their lost condition and to try to destroy the faith of God’s children.

“Spiritual battles are raging all over the world,” Mike observes, “and they are in our little corner of the jungle as well.”

One Ese Ejja young man who grew up in their village has felt for a long time like a son to Mike and Cher. As a child, he never missed a Bible Club or Sunday School class. God blessed him with a very sharp mind and lots of talent. The Riepmas had great expectations for him and hoped he would grow into a strong church leader.

“He married a sweet Christian girl and they have four beautiful children,” Mike shares. But this young man, who started out teaching in the village school, was eventually lured into local politics. And sadly, this political culture he got involved with has apparently been instrumental in distorting his sense of right and wrong. He has been unfaithful in his marriage vows, actively promotes sinful activities, spends little time with his children and basically lives life to please himself.

Mike shares sadly, “Satan has deceived him into thinking that God’s Word has no relevance in his daily life … When confronted, he is very much closed and not wanting any help or advice. This young man has broken our hearts.” 

And, Mike says, he is just one of a growing group of rebellious and reckless young men who have embraced this sinful lifestyle which is manifested in having no respect for authority, refusing to work, being frequently drunk, and unashamedly stealing whenever the need arises.

As disappointed and burdened as they are, Mike and Cher are praying and hoping in God’s power. They remind themselves that in Christ, “we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us.”  Mike shares, “Our adversary has not given up and the spiritual battles rage on, yet almighty God is still on His throne, and He will complete His church.”

Pray for God’s encouragement and strength for Mike and Cher Riepma and their ministry. Pray for the power of God’s Word to permeate Ese Ejja believers and make them strong against spiritual attack. Pray that those who have crumbled and fallen prey to Satan’s plots will be convicted and transformed. And pray that unbelievers will see visible transformation in the Ese Ejja believers that recommends Christ as Saviour and Redeemer.

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