More than a good story

The rainy season is approaching and Lív and her co-workers feel like they are going to suffocate. One afternoon it was 39 degrees Celsius in Lív’s house in West Africa. She is thankful for her waterbed, and that she can cool down during the day with wet towels. If not it would be impossible for her to sleep at night. The good thing about this time of the year is the mangoes. There are two mango trees on her property and the fruit is delicious.

A Bible translation consultant was supposed to visit at the beginning of May, to check Genesis and some chapters of Daniel that the young translator has translated. However, she had some issues with her passport, and the check has therefore been postponed until the beginning of November. The team were disappointed, but they trust that the Lord always does what is best. This delay has given Lív time to go through the young translator’s draft of 1 Samuel and some of 2 Samuel. She has also been able to prepare the Gospel of Luke and the book of Ruth for printing.

Ruth was the first book that was translated and printed, and people have really loved it. It has now been revised a bit. They usually give it as a gift to the graduates from the literacy programme. One man said that when he read it, he knew straight away that it was not just a good story, but that there was much more to it. He was one of the first believers in the village after the Gospel was preached.

A young man in the village, is very passionate about the literacy programme, and wants as many of his people as possible to learn how to read and write. This year he brought ten men from a different area, to the village to do the literacy programme. Next year he wants to bring along ten men from another place to do the same. They are excited about this. This man also diligently reads the Word of God. He says that he wants knowledge. Some of his friends are also reading Scripture, since they too want to get some knowledge. Lív sent the book of Esther, Jonah and the Gospel of Mark. Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to them through His Word.

Lív will be going home to the Faroe Islands at the end of June and returning mid-September. The carpenter says he will start renovating her house soon. Pray that it indeed will be so. Lív is looking forward to having her own place. For the time being, she will be staying with her oldest niece and her two girls who is currently going through a difficult time. Pray that the Lord gives them wisdom and strength to face the days ahead.

Thank you so much for your prayers.