More New Testaments

Jan and Annette are thankful to be in the Lord’s service and trust that they are a blessing to the Lamogai people, the believers of the other independent churches and their co-workers. Yet this seems to be the great battle at times: to stay in fellowship with the Lord and not rely on their own strength and wisdom in the work. What comes from “self” might help someone else but it often builds up our own ego and not the name of the Lord. Pray for Jan and Annette, that their lives will bring glory to Him.
The annual field conference was held recently, which meant a lot of work setting up and preparing for this busy time, but like every year, after their co-workers had returned to their mission posts in the bush, Jan and Annette look back and can say “it was worth all the work.” They have been informed, encouraged, taught from the Word and refreshed. It was great!
Before that, Jan and Annette were able to go on a survey with two Asengseng church leaders, to investigate one of the two invitations their church received to go and teach in a bordering group. This church continues to reach out into other villages and now they are considering this cross cultural church plant. Jan and Annette are trying to assist them as they go forward.
The Lamogai people have worked hard to get the old airstrip cleared and re-opened. This will make it so much easier for Jan and Annette to reach the Lamogai by Kodiak aircraft to work with the Literacy teachers on the post literacy programme. They plan to give one workshop in the north and one in south Lamogai.
Just as Jan and Annette were prepared to go into Lamogai, their co-workers Mike and Sandy heard that Sandy’s father was getting very ill. They rushed to return home to the USA and were given a few hours with Sandy’s father before he went home to be with the Lord. Even though Jan and Annette are going to miss them very much working on the literacy workshops, they are glad Mike and Sandy were able to make it home in time and are able to spend time with their family now.

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