More lessons needed

Translation is usually a front burner task for Jonathan Bamford but recently the Isnag Bible teachers ran out of lessons and sent an urgent request for more materials. It is very good to know that they have been meeting regularly and want help with curriculum. Therefore, Jonathan put translation on the back burner. (He had recently finished the rough draft of Hebrews but is now writing lessons for the book of Mark.) He was able to send three lessons via email to his language helper in town who was able to print them and take them back to teach in the village. That is the first time that they have accomplished such a transfer of information and Jonathan and Heidi are very pleased to be able to help even though they are far away. He hopes to produce 18 or 20 lessons before he returns to translation work.

Pray that the lessons will help them to understand more Bible truth and deepen their love for Jesus.

Missionaries are currently not allowed to enter the Philippines. Jonathan and Heidi’s plane tickets from the USA to the Philippines were cancelled. They are requesting special permission to enter and will work on tickets when they receive approval.

Thank you for your prayers!