Geoff and Shannon are constantly having to balance between what needs to get fixed/repaired and serving the Mibu church. It seems the former is giving the latter a run for its money and they are just having to learn to let certain things go so that they can be sure to continue doing what they came to Mibu to do! It can be incredibly difficult at times! There are so many tasks vying for their attention!

Some of the community leaders have had serious discussions about how to get the airstrip work back on track. Recent land disputes have slowed things down once again.

Geoff and his language helper have been working hard developing lessons for 1 Thessalonians, which are nearly done now! They can’t wait to teach through this epistle together! While there are many good truths that will be learned as they go through this letter, the ones that are being emphasised have to do with Christ’s return! Paul refers to Christ’s coming again, and points people to his return so frequently that it’s a topic worthy of some more attention! Paul uses it as a basis for people to stand strong in their faith, and to encourage one another. The church in Mibu needs to have more of this in their thinking, a less ambiguous view and an anticipation of Christ’s return. It will help keep their eyes and hearts on the goal as they strive to grow in their faith! Therefore, Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonian believers is a good place to start. Later they will translate and teach other letters to expand their understanding of what God tells us about the end.

Shannon continues to invest a lot of her time home schooling the kids, an effort seeming to require an ever-changing strategy, and financial investment as individual struggles become clear over time. They’re having to evaluate some of the curriculum being used and consider whether there might be some different things available to help with things such as math and language arts, where a couple of the kids seem to struggle the most and are getting behind. Now that Shannon is home schooling all four kids, the time she has to spend with each child is much more limited and it’s a daily struggle to get through it all. Pray that someone might be able to help tutor the kids for a month or two.

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