Mission Simulation

Jonathan is busy with “Mission Simulation”. This is where the students on the mission’s course live rough for five weeks in large tents and at the same time spend eight hours a day studying a “difficult” language. It is a time of putting into practice many of the skills that the students have learnt over the past year including anything from language learning techniques to making bread using a mud oven.
Besides helping with Mission Simulation, Jonathan and Rachel are preparing for a week long field orientation course that they are hosting at North Cotes. The course is for young people who are going out to the mission field “short term” (anywhere from three weeks to one year). There will be about 30 young people attending the course and their classes include such things as travel, culture shock, finances, medical and security (being aware of one’s surroundings) etc., etc. Jonathan and Rachel’s son, James, will be attending the course as he is getting ready to go to Brazil for three weeks.
Over the summer, Jonathan and Rachel are going to Colombia for two weeks to teach a Curriculum Development Workshop, and then on the way home, they are stopping off in the USA to visit a church in Oklahoma City and their kids who live in Missouri. Their youngest son, Jack, will travel with them. They were able to get plane tickets to Colombia that made it possible for them to stop off in the USA by only spending a little bit more. God is so good!
Jonathan and Rachel’s children are doing well. Jack has finished his exams for this school year (AS Levels) and now he is back to a more normal school schedule. Next year, he will be doing his A-Levels. James continues to work nights at a nursing home. He is excited about his trip to Brazil and is looking forward to starting Bible school in September. Hannah is doing her last placement before becoming a fully qualified nurse and is planning her future as a nurse. Their children and grandchildren in the USA are also doing well and are so happy that they will get to see Jonathan and Rachel this summer.

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