Missing Senegal

Coming back has definitely been more difficult for the Haerter family than going to the mission field. They keep in touch with the mother of the little girl who had burnt her face. The surgery back in October in Italy went well. Anne travelled there to help with communication between the mother and the Italian organisation.  Continue to pray for the family, especially for this little girl’s future. She may even need another surgery later on in life.Pray for a man who is serving the Lord in Kabrousse and is part of the present missionary team there. He is working on generating an income and being involved in the village through a school supplies store. Another man who is involved in leading the small church in Kabrousse, together with the first man and NTM missionary Charles Badiane, also needs our prayers. Last summer he passed his A-level exams and desires to get more education. He is seriously looking to the Lord for guidance and help since this is very challenging in Senegal in general, especially for him as he has a walking impairment.In the month of December, Christoph and Anne travelled quite a bit to give reports on their time on the mission field. Thank the Lord with them for the good encounters they had and for His protection on the road.Anne travelled to Italy this week. NTM has a growing work amongst Italian churches. A couple from the USA joined the team there and is now in serious need of encouragement and guidance for their culture and language acquisition.Praise the Lord that several German students are applying for next year’s courses at North Cotes College. Please pray for them and Christoph and Anne that they might be of help to them and their churches in the process.Recently, Anne has had trouble sleeping which often leads to her having migraines but they don’t really know why and she would appreciate prayer.Simona is doing fine at school. Pray that she would find friends in Germany, especially in church.Leonie’s school is determining what her exact needs are so as to provide better help. This is an important process. She is always motivated to go to school despite her being challenged in most subjects and despite the fact that the other children aren’t always nice to her (to say the least).Please continue to pray for her, that she would be able to make friends, especially in the church.After 13 years, she can now taper off the medication for her Epilepsy. Praise the Lord with them and pray for her that the absences won’t come back.

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