Missing Mwinikaland

The last three months has had many difficulties. Francois and Nadia thank you for your continued prayers for them as we learn to live and function in this community! Thank you for your prayers for theirr Mwinika brothers and sisters and they learn to stand on their own feet, looking towards God for their sustenance, growth, protection and provision.

A new Integral Vision (NTM South Africa) training team has been formed comprising of four families.

Francois and Nadia will be mainly involved in the church liaison and facilitating/discipling roles on the team.

Pray with them as they seek the Lord’s leading to those that are interested or called to be involved in cross-cultural ministry, either locally or aboard. Their desire is to make the equipping programme open to any believer in the Lord that desires to sharpen their skills to be a better communicator of God’s Word. They believe the programme can be beneficial for enriching those in their local churches, other mission agencies or Bible institutes. Pray that those that are called to go will come forward to start the training in February 2018.

Francois is still involved with the Mwinika Bible lesson development as a consultant and will be visiting the team a few times every year. He is planning to go to Mwinikaland in November to do just that, but also to take the printed Bible and literacy materials as well as supplies their partners need.

Nadia is still involved with the Mwinika literacy programme through developing materials, editing and having Bible and literacy materials printed. She is still being trained as a Literacy consultant to serve the South East Africa field.

Francois will be visiting churches that are interested in having members trained in cross-cultural ministry, and helping them understand their role as senders and supporters. When a church decides to send someone to the mission field, Francois will continue to be available to walk the journey with them.

Nadia will be one of three who will be facilitating the nine module course that will be done mostly via correspondence and not in a class room. This means that students can continue their day job as they are being equipped to serve cross-culturally. She will receive their assignments and disciple and mentor them through the course. Three times a year they will be getting together for a week of intensive training in one location.

Nadia has been home schooling Waldo over the last term, but this term he will start at an academy that offers tutoring, customisable schooling and workshops for home-schoolers, after school learners, and young adults. Here

Waldo will be part of a small class with other teens. The academy asked Nadia to consider helping out with tutoring another group at the school three mornings a week for this term. She will be helping specifically with the schooling of an autistic young man.

Pray for Waldo as he starts a new venture this term. Francois and Nadia are so thankful that Franco and Heidi are thriving in their new school! Pray for all three their teens for good and godly friendships.

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