Missing baggage

Esmé arrived safe and well in West Africa this week. Unfortunately, her baggage did not! Please pray that her suitcases would soon be found and sent on to her.
Give thanks for the hand baggage that she had packed to the maximum possible (within the limits given), which contained most of the necessary items she needed for her first night and day…and for the things she has stored, which she has been able to access.
However, in the baggage is some of her medication. She has plenty for quite a few months, but it would be good if it does get to her at some point soon.
There is much more to give thanks for, the apartment at the guesthouse, which had been hurriedly completed in order to be ready for Esmé’s arrival by the guesthouse host, and kind fellow missionaries who have made sure she has food, water…and even a meal in the fridge before her arrival! (They also have helped with sorting out the missing baggage!).