Miracle needed

Jonathan, Naomi and family serve in West Africa. They have recently returned to the town where they live after a time in the capital. Jonathan had made a short visit to the UK for his sister’s wedding and they said goodbye to their home school helper who has now returned to the UK to start university. (They are thankful for her help and pleased that she is settling back nicely.)

They were able to drive back in their car and are thankful for safety. The clutch stopped working just as they arrived home and has since been repaired. They still have one more piece of paperwork to sort out for the car. Pray for this and for wisdom as to how to fix the 4×4 capability.

Since their return is has rained a lot and the roof of their house leaks, clothing has moulded and it is difficult to get things dry. Even when it is not raining, the humidity is high.

Pray for good health, progress and strengthening of relationships and encouragement.

Building relationships, language learning and rural living can be exhausting.

Pray for the miracle that they need to see the Gospel going forth among the Ayom people group.