Ministry challenges

Peter was in Missouri at the NTM missionary training centre for meetings in July. Then in August he made his first trip to Latin America and spent some time at the MK school just outside of Manaus, Brazil, interacting with the students, as well as teachers, dorm parents, etc. Peter gained a much better understanding of the ministry challenges NTM co-workers in Western Brazil are facing. Distances are huge and the lack of roads in this part of the country can make traveling very difficult.

At the end of August and into the first week of September Peter was in Florida for a week of meetings regarding Bible translation. There is a good team of missionaries who consult and encourage missionaries as they labour in Scripture translation. Then later in September he was in Texas for a conference.

The coming months will involve less travel, but in November Peter is looking forward to spending some time in Southeast Asia where NTM will be hosting an international forum for leaders working in many countries around the world. As usual when NTM hosts a forum, there are normally other meetings planned before and after that week, so in the end he will be spending three weeks there.

Peter is blessed to have Rachel join him in his responsibilities.

Peter has also been asked to help improve communications regarding ministry. This is a big project and he will need wisdom and the right people to make this project possible. Pray that God will make the way clear for them in this endeavour, and that this indeed will be a great help in church planting and Bible translation among the least-reached people groups of the world.

Peter and Rachel are thankful for your partnering with them in prayer. It is a tremendous blessing.

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