“Ministry approved”

The timing was good, as Axel and Sandra’s co-workers had left for home assignment that month.
Pray for endurance for Sandra to continue her CLA.
Axel is teaching the lessons again that their friends have already heard; adapting them to fit the current needs of the church. They have found the saying that ‘worldview changes very slowly’ to be true and that people need to hear the truth over and over again. And when they finally understand it, acting upon it is yet another story. Not so different from us though…
Axel teaches every Sunday and Wednesday. Teaching “old” material helps him to get used to teaching and creating lessons in Pal. He loves this part of the work and looks forward to do more of it as well as translating.
Another work is the oversight of the literacy school. So far 90 students have gone through the seven -month (literacy and post-literacy) course. Four teams of teachers take turns so there is enough time to do garden work and to travel to the coast for buying essentials etc. Once a week Axel goes to the school to see how everything is going. He also coordinates all the administration that has not yet been put into the hands of the teachers. When Axel is not in his office he is often spending time with guys who are passing by. Some have questions; some just want to hang out or want to chat. People can sharpen their bush knives at their house as well as charge their phones in Axel’s office. This service provides lots of opportunities to interact with people. Pray for wisdom for teaching and discipleship.
Axel and Sandra are thankful for the steady group of believers who are faithfully attending the teaching. After each lesson they give time for questions. This time is also used to “strengthen the talk”, and can also clarify misunderstandings. More and more tasks are being put into the hands of the Pal men.
Axel is studying the topic of the Lord’s Supper. In the early church it was a common practice right from the beginning. The Pal have asked multiple times when they are going to do it together. In order to avoid misunderstanding the missionary team have many questions to work through.
Axel and Sandra with Tom and Lilly are very much looking forward to their first home assignment is coming up fast. They will be leaving Pal at the end of July, just shortly after their co-workers have arrived back. Pray for wisdom for raising their children. Tom and Lilly are good friends. Tom is doing some pre-school in the morning and he loves it. Lilly really likes to take care of her stuffed animal friends and carries them everywhere.

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