‘Mini Conference’

Ragnar and Elizabeth were recently invited to the conference near the West Coast. Four groups of believers in scattered villages gathered together for the day.

Two of the men working on the Curriculum with Ragnar and Elizabeth asked for the week off to help get ready for the conference.  Bundles of rice were waiting to be pounded and winnowed; lots of firewood had to be cut as well as vegetables gathered from their gardens.

The morning of the meeting, after filling their truck with people, Ragnar and Elizabeth headed up the mountains.  An endless number always pile in the back!

After taking the truck as far as they could, Ragnar and Elizabeth joined lots of people on the path leading to the church. Walking past banana plants, rice fields and vegetable gardens was so peaceful and they loved the relaxed atmosphere.

Ragnar and Elizabeth’s days of fellowshipping with the Kankana-ey in more remote villages  are always so encouraging to them.  They love to see their desire for the Word and to see their friends and family come to understand too.

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