Milestone reached

This month Aaron and Amy go on home assignment to the USA and Germany to visit family. In October they will fly back to Liberia. They hope to purchase a new vehicle and then head back interior to the Glarro.

Aaron wants to form a small team of Glarro who can help him in putting Bible lessons into understandable Glarro.This is both exciting and intimidating for Aaron and Amy. 

Amy passed her language check quite a while ago and has been working on a literacy programme for the Glarro. Since last July, she has been teaching a literacy class, using a room at the local school but since January she transferred over to their office building. During Aaron and Amy’s absence Glarro helpers will continue teaching. Pray that they will stick with it and patiently continue the class.

Amy is also helping out with some aspects of the Bible translation. She was able to finish checking Acts for comprehension with villagers. After their co-worker makes the final tweaks this summer, it should be ready for reading! Amy recently finished the first check of Ephesians but it needs some extensive revision before a second check can be done which their co-worker is currently working on.

Last year they started to build an office with a water tower. With the help of many visitors they now not only have running water and a cell phone signal booster antenna but also an office/school room. Even with the bathroom still unfinished this building is already in full use and has been a big help already. Aaron and Amy are thankful to all who had a part in it.

As Aaron and Amy were seeking for opportunities to share the truth from God’s Word, they had some conversations where it became even clearer how much Satan has deceived their Glarro friends. Once again they were reminded how much they need to completely rely on God to do His work. Who else but the Holy Spirit can convict and change a person’s heart?

Aaron and Amy’s co-workers the Burkheads returned to Liberia in December with their four children. They had a rough start with lots of malaria, but now they are in full swing studying language and culture. Pray for them as they ‘hold the fort’. Pray for their other co-worker who will soon return to West Africa and carry on with bible translation.

Pray that God will direct Aaron and Amy’s interactions with people also during their home assignment time and that they will be refreshed, spiritually and physically.

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