Mile marker

Char’s first session was about treating burns! She worked through what are the first things to do when you have a burn, why burns are so dangerous, what happens to your body as result of a burn, dehydration, etc. Many ladies along with some men, roughly 25 in all, attended the teaching session at ’the Centre’. One lady also sat there, remembering her two year old son who lost his life from a burn just two years ago after a whole pot of boiling water spilt across 50% of his body. Recently they dealt with another young girl (one year old) who was fortunate to survive after getting boiling water spilt on roughly 15% or her little body. These are real problems in the village.
Char delivered a talk in Agta, with her friend teaching in Ilocano to the non Agta speakers. This lady has watched Char for years and been right beside her while she looked after people, and was thrilled that the teaching to the community actually started. Years ago this friend saved the life of her uncle by going into the Epp’s medicine cabinet while they were gone, and treating her uncle who had a machete wound to his neck, cutting five main arteries.
Don and Char want to THANK their Lord for the breakthrough of truth into the community. Truth in medical practices, and understanding how their bodies work, is a mile stone, as many of the things the people here believe about treating sickness and where disease comes from has been taught by witch doctors and usually goes directly against truth. This teaching is a great pre-curser to the Bible teaching that John and Don are endlessly working towards.
Abby, their school teacher, and Thea also played a big role in the teaching, as they were actors… patients who happened to have a burn and a cut who needed to be treated during the teaching. The ladies went through a burn re-enactment to see what they should do first.
Pray with the missionary team as Char takes on large roles in the community. She will continue to teach on Tuesday and review on Thursday for those who miss the lesson. Her plan is to disciple ladies who will be able to teach these same lessons in the future!
Pray with them that the Lord would use these lessons to again gain trust in the people, and also help them out practically in day to day life, or in crisis.

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