Recently, Geoff and Shannon took advantage of their supply flight, and started sending out some of their belongings in preparation for moving out to town. They are going to need to do this with each supply flight over the coming months to minimise the cost of moving. Imagine trying to move your belongings using a helicopter and sometimes a small plane! They are hoping for the actual move to happen in July.

The Mibu ministry has reached a major, strategic ministry milestone that was planned from day one! The church and its leaders are mature enough that the missionaries continued full-time presence in the tribe could actually be harmful for their growth. Therefore, as a team, and along with their consultants, they have determined it is time for them to move out to town and no longer live full-time in the tribe, where they can continue to serve the church off-site. That does not mean their job is finished in Mibu. Far from it! They will continue to serve the church full-time, but from a different setting. But it is sad for Geoff and Shannon to start the process of moving. The reality is that this has become their home!

Moving out to town will allow them to focus more fully on some of the bigger jobs that are still left, like translation and lesson development without so many of the interruptions of day to day life in the tribe. They are working on a system to maintain regular communication with church leaders. In addition, they plan to make short-term visits in Mibu several times a year to work with and train leaders, support the church in any way they can, and of course to work together with their indispensable translation helpers! The team worked hard year, and will continue this year, the training of the church and its leaders. They are hoping to be able to appoint elders sometime soon, prior to moving out! Yet another huge milestone in ministry! This is exciting! Imagine, going from having had no access to the Gospel to where they are now, a maturing church and the impending appointment of the first shepherd-elders!

Meanwhile Geoff and Shannon continue to plug along in the many areas of work they are involved in, translation (currently working through Revelation) and developing lessons for 2 Thessalonians together with some of the leaders, discipling potential elders, and weekly training sessions with the church after they meet on Sundays. Everybody is gearing up for what will hopefully culminate in the appointment of the first elders in Mibu!

Geoff and Shannon would really appreciate your prayers for all of the work that is going on in Mibu, their upcoming move, and for the resources needed to start living out in town.

Thank you all for your involvement in this ministry through prayer.

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