Recently Charles and Robin Wadsworth along with Shane Edmond were a real blessing as they systematically went through all the missionaries electrical and mechanical equipment to bring it up to standard and make repairs as needed. Truly these are the unsung heroes of the Mengen work the ones who work tirelessly in the background to make all the victories possible. Please know that this work is all about a team which includes prayer warriors.
Missionary Lourens Laureti is amazed day after day at the God-stories that are shared with him and the strides that the Mengen Bible teacher trainees are making each and every week as they depend on God to enable and bless His Word as they teach. And now God is adding female Mengen Bible teachers for the ladies discipleship class and they too are doing an amazing job, but feel so weak! But each of these trainees needs to be trained and discipled specifically so that they are fully trained and ready to be sent out to the numerous villages that are requesting the teaching.
God has provided the team with a few solar powered MP3 players which can only be loaded by the missionaries with a special cable which they’ve pre-loaded with recorded evangelistic lessons and some of their Christian music. These players have all been given out and are bearing fruit as folk that have been opposed to the Gospel are listening in the quiet of their homes or gardens and are slowly being drawn to the Gospel. Others with unsaved family members are playing their players at every chance they get to first review what they are hearing and secondly to plant seeds within their families. There is a need for additional players.

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