Memory verse programme

Alongside the teaching in the Ga’dang, Philippines, Dennis and Valerie Easton’s co-workers are running a memory verse programme. The kids (and anyone else interested) are able to get a special folder in which they place a colouring page and memory verse for each lesson. Each verse summarises a key concept from that lesson.

They have a reward system going – they receive a lollipop for memorising the verse and they can earn a prize for every six verses they say.

This programme has been met with a lot of enthusiasm! The kids love it and reports are coming back to Dennis and Valerie of them practicing their verses during break time at school, at night and in the afternoons after school, and many are getting their parents to help them!

Pray for these young ones. Their hearts are still soft and they have so much energy. They are attending the teaching and progressively getting better at listening and participating. Please pray that they will understand the lessons and take the message home to their parents. Many of them are the kids of the parents they so long to have hear, so Dennis and Valerie are praying that their kids’ enthusiasm creates an interest in their parents.