Memorising Scripture

On Tuesday when Dorothy went to teach the men in prison, half a dozen had memorised verses 7-14. Most of them were still on the first three to four verses.

However, that is OK because she would not be checking them until after the New Year. The women prisoners were a delight. A lot of them do not read or write, but the others that did recite made up in volume for the whole group… Dorothy was just so excited. She does not know why the thought of having the prisoners memorise
Scripture never came to her mind before now – maybe because she knew that she would have to learn them too!

Dorothy is hoping to incorporate these verses into the Christmas programme using “sheep” and “shepherds” as the theme. Please pray with Dorothy as she works with the Sunday school teacher and others involved in this evangelistic endeavour.

Also, pray that the remaining three songs for the Job CD in Isaan will be recorded by the end of the year.

Next week Dorothy is attending some meetings and the music team has been given a ten-minute slot of time to promote the music.

Prayer is so crucial to Dorothy being able to serve in Southeast Asia. She was so glad to arrive safely again last week after a short time away. She is thankful for the knowledge that people are upholding her in prayer.

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