Medical need

In March, André and Aurélie Tousch shared about André’s sickness. (A helicopter flight took the family out from the village to the mission centre and André was then taken to the hospital in the capital. In April André improved and could go back to the mission centre to be with the rest of the family. He is now feeling back to normal; however, there is a risk that he will have another crisis, so, it is necessary that he see a specialist. Normally missionaries go to Australia for their medical needs, but now the Australian borders are closed because of the pandemic. As a result, they have to go to France to deal with that medical situation. They are planning to leave this month. They are thankful that the insurance company is paying for their flight back to France.

André and Aurélie hope the trip to France will be short and that they will be able return to PNG before long. Pray for smooth travel, and that they do not contract Covid! The pandemic is increasing in PNG, so if one of the family were to test positive then their trip would have to be postponed.

Because of the medical situation, they were not able to go back to the Iski village as a family in April. However, André was able to make a short visit last week. He was able to explain their situation to the church. Please continue to pray for the Iski church that each believer continues to grow in love, faith and hope.