Medi-vac to Cairns

It is good to reflect on the Lord’s goodness and help in our times of need and Paul and Susan are very thankful for many things:
•That in spite of walking up and down mountains and continuing on with teaching, Paul was preserved from a rupture of the appendix in the village and anything worse during the 11 days before he got some medical help.
•For the mission doctor who, on hearing of the symptoms, urged them to leave the village immediately and get to the NTM centre clinic.
•For the mission helicopter pilot who came on his day off to get them out, and it was the day before he was due to fly to another region.
•That Paul and Susan have good health insurance that covers all hospital expenses, and the medivac plane that was ordered from Brisbane, and is covering Susan’s motel stay near the hospital. The only thing she has to pay for is food.
•That they are receiving good care and are in a place where, should Paul’s condition worsen suddenly, there will be an immediate response. That is a lot of peace of mind considering where they have come from.
•For the two Gende Bible teachers continuing on with the Lord’s work with the Gende believers
•That although in this life we are affected by sin and disease, the Lord’s promises are secure that he will never leave us or forsake us and his strength and grace will be sufficient.
Pray for Susan who has been experiencing a lot of pain in her legs and feet some days walking back and forth to the hospital, and is missing being close to her family at this trying time
It is all a bit of a waiting game but Paul is now eating better and starting to improve. He continues on IV antibiotics but between treatments can get outside. When the infection levels have gone down sufficiently, Paul can be discharged on oral antibiotics. There will then be more waiting to have the appendix removed when it is deemed safe to do so.

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