The Bible study has been a very good opportunity for Chris and a reminder of the fact that, if we base our lives and efforts on anything other than Christ, then life indeed is meaningless. However, if we view our lives in the light of the Gospel, our lives have great meaning and purpose. Please pray for the group of young ladies as they grapple with the truths presented and seek to apply it to their everyday lives and experiences.
David and Chris were very grateful for the opportunity to visit a patient’s village. It involved a trip of four and a half hours each way on rather rough roads. A man from the hospital Chaplaincy team and a man who has worked with Chris in the wound care team also went with them.
As invariably happens in this situation, news of their arrival soon spread and quite a few people came to check them out. This meant that the man from the hospital Chaplaincy team had a willing and captive audience when he led a short time of worship, Bible study and prayer together with the patient’s family and assembled onlookers! It was very encouraging to see that their patient had his Bible and reading notes beside him on his bed and seemed to still be walking with the Lord and keen to learn more about Him. However, the isolated nature of where he lives means that he isn’t able to join the congregation at the local church. Please continue to pray for a local young Christian man who is strong in his faith, willing and capable of befriending the patient and discipling him.
It was also very encouraging for David and Chris to see that although their patient’s original wound still wasn’t completely healed, that it was much smaller and there were no further wounds – in short his family had been able to take good care of him. David hopes to return with the man from the hospital Chaplaincy team before too long to help make a ramp from the door onto the outside porch so that the patient is able to access this independently. Pray that David will be able to have the time before too long. The patient is left on his own for long periods of time during the day as his family work hard tapping rubber and harvesting rice. Please pray that during this time, he will be aware of the comfort of the Holy Spirit as His relationship with the Lord deepens.
Last month, David was asked to join the chaplaincy team as they made a visit to a village around two and a half hours away. Due to the remote nature of where most of their patients live, it is very difficult to do follow up visits, both physical and spiritual, so it has been encouraging to see this fairly new initiative taking place in conjunction with the local church. The format is usually that they take the service at the church in the village they are visiting (this time David preached). included in the service is a small health care talk by one of the hospital’s doctors. After the service, the hospital team along with the local pastor visit patients, past and present, to minister to them through prayer, reading the Bible and medical advice where appropriate. This is a very valuable ministry as is it easy for those who have made a commitment to the Lord whilst in hospital to slip through the gap due to the complexities of geographical location. As it takes place in conjunction with the local church, it is hoped that the local church will then take on the responsibility for discipleship in the times in between the hospital teams visits. The aim is that these follow up trips take place each month. Please pray for the chaplaincy team that they would be encouraged in this ministry which involves a lot of time on the road.
The tumour on a young girl’s eye has shrunk to the size where she has been able to have a successful operation to remove it. Praise the Lord for this and continue to pray for her and her parents, that they will know the Lord’s hand in their lives at each step. Praise the Lord also for the skill of the eye surgeon and his team who were able to perform the surgery here.
Chris has been accepted to study on a Masters Level course in Wound Healing and Tissue Viability at the University of Cardiff’s School of Medicine. David and Chris see this as the Lord’s leading as the application process was very complex! The course starts in September and will, for the main part, be distance learning though she does have to attend the university at the beginning of the new term for orientation. This means of course that Chris will be visiting the UK – flights are booked to leave at the end of August and return early October. Especially pray for David as he prepares to hold the fort on his own while Chris is away – after being apart for four and a half months last year, six weeks doesn’t seem so bad this year! A Masters Level qualification is a new requirement for the type of visa that David and Chris hold.

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