Marriage and a move

Steve and Gerdine are currently renting a flat and getting settled in. Steve’s time is split up between learning Dutch, job searching and exploring all the new sights and smells. He is starting to get comfortable popping out on his bike and buying things.
Pray for Steve as it takes time to adjust to being in a new place. After leaving behind somewhere you knew and loved, where people knew you; it is difficult to be somewhere where everything is new and no one knows you. Throw in the language barrier too and things become even harder. You can’t even do the basics like understand a road sign, ask for something in a shop or know what to expect next in a normal social situation. Thankfully Steve has a solid rock to stand on during this transition time. When he looks back on his life he can clearly see that what God has done has had more of an impact than any achievement he has accomplished.
A job agency has found Gerdine several shifts in an OAP home as a carer; lots of early mornings though! She is looking for something more permanent.
Their long term plan is to serve in Papua New Guinea! They’re spending a year in the Netherlands as a way of preparation, but their sights are set on working with NTM; using this time in the Netherlands to get used to married life together and get themselves ready for the field.
In the short term Steve and Gerdine are both looking for work so they can cover their costs and support themselves. They want to help NTM Netherlands as much as possible, be involved in the church in Eindhoven, visit other churches and, of course, Steve needs to learn to speak Dutch.
They have a meeting next week with NTM Netherlands where they can discuss exactly how they can be involved over the next year.

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