March Onward

Geoff and Shannon Husa serve the church in Mibu, Papua New Guinea. They no longer live permanently in the village but in town. However, they had a wonderful opportunity to go into Mibu as a family back in March, right when all the Covid crisis was starting to explode in the news.

When Geoff makes trips into Mibu he has a mountain of translation tasks to get done in there that he cannot do from out in town. He has been experimenting with and training some of his helpers to do more and more of these tasks over video conferencing! It has been going surprisingly well so far!

Just a few weeks ago their family was able to make it into Mibu again. It might be their last time as a family before they head back to the USA for home assignment next year! Geoff was so encouraged and proud of the leaders in Mibu, their faithfulness and their zeal for the Lord and for His work in their own lives and in the community! He was recently blown away to sit and listen to the leaders talk about strategy and vision for taking God’s Word to the people around them. This time he ran out of any translation work. No more backlog and trying to catch up with all those comprehension checks! They have been able to do the whole process over video now! Geoff still then needs to do the back to English translation.

The kids all enjoyed their time in the tribe again.

Geoff is continuing to work on Revelation, the everlasting translation project! Now at chapter 18! He is pleased with how well the translation communicates. The people he has checked it with are able to follow it well and are encouraged by its message! He cannot wait to put lessons together for it and teach it!

There is a lot of planning needed for their year at home in the USA. They need to figure out housing, cars, school for the kids etc. They are moving toward finally buying a house.

They are actually planning to move again within PNG back to the main centre where they can be closer to the school and the help that is needed with school. They really, really, really do not relish the thought of packing up and moving again, but the kids’ success in school and the reduction of other non-work interruptions that their current location imposes is their motivation. They are thankful to have a house available there for the last nine-months or so before they leave for home assignment.

School is scheduled to start up again on September 15th! They are very grateful that it seems possible that all the right people will be in place to start the school year up, even if a bit late!