Many challenges

The Robinsons long-term goal is to see a mature church planted in a language group which currently has no access to the Gospel. Their passion is to go to a people group who have no Bible translation and have never had the gospel explained to them. This means they may well need to learn a language that is not written down and has to be learnt by living amongst the people rather than in a classroom.

In September 2015, they moved to Lincolnshire where they now live with their two boys (aged two years and eight months) to begin training with New Tribes Mission. Please pray for Naomi especially as she tries to balance family life and study.

The first year was a Biblical Studies class which focused on rightly understanding the Word of God.

This year (their second) they are taking the “Cross cultural Communications course.” This is a course aimed at spiritually and practically equipping men and women for cross-cultural church-planting work.

Their current course ends with a five week “Mission Simulation” exercise next summer (June/July) where they will have the opportunity to put into practise some of their language learning techniques while living under canvas with minimal access to modern technologies and conveniences.

After this there is a possibility that they may undertake further linguistic training.
The following is one of the many challenges that they have been presented with in the classes they’ve been studying this term.

Where will you live?

You’ve travelled to the country you’ll be working in, chosen a language group and got permission to move in; you now hit one of the most crucial decisions you will make—where will you build your house? 

One possible place is an isolated section of beach with a beautiful view. The alternative is in the middle of a litter-strewn village, with the loud noise of people buzzing around from dawn until well into the night, continuous interruptions and very little family privacy.

Choosing the first would mean slow language study, poor relationships and a church that takes many more years to establish. The alternative is so much better for the sake of the Gospel.
It may or may not be one of the decisions that The Robinsons personally have to make in the future, but there will certainly be many other similar opportunities to deny self in order to reach out to others.

When thinking about these challenges ahead, their feelings have been a mixture of complete inadequacy for the task and encouragement that He is worth the cost, and is their all-sufficient, precious Saviour whose hands they are in. Their sacrifices are nothing compared to what the dear Saviour did when he laid aside His glory, chose human flesh, and went to the cross for us. Please pray that they would be given a Christ-like spirit of humility and sacrifice.

The Robinsons would value your prayers as they continue to prayerfully consider which country and people group they to work among.

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