Making plans

August was an emotional roller coaster month for the family. They have continued to go through the ‘last’ this and that in preparation for the departure of their oldest daughter and family for PNG. They had hoped to be gone by mid-July but there were delays on paper work but they are now ready to go.

As a family they would appreciate your continued prayers for the goodbyes. They have gone through times of separations for thirty years and it has been part of their lives. It is the greatest cost to missionary work. Not just to the missionaries but the rest of the family too. However, the Lord knows all and His grace IS sufficient. Always. Very soon Paul and Susan’s three girls will be on three different continents and they could be going between two of them!

There was disappointment when travel insurance was refused for Paul for PNG. However using a multi-trip insurance plan has opened a way for them to go for up to 60 days at a time. The first trip is for a look-see and find out how the believers are doing and if there are ways they can work together to somehow progress the task of translation and Bible lesson writing. Much equipment in their house in the village will not be working as the 12 volt batteries are likely to be flat but they plan to live quite simply for this first visit. Pray for a profitable time.

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