Magnifying His Word

Dave and Fran Jordan are well into the dry season where they live among the Prai people of Thailand They still have cool nights; their last rain was in October.  In another month, hot season will begin. By mid-April, monsoons are just beginning.

Two believers continue to return from Boot Creek with excited reports of more coming to express interest in becoming Christians. A couple with the baby who is not developing normally is thrilled that the baby has begun to move his arms and legs and grasp. They are listening to Bible teaching.

Pray that those helping the believers teach these new folks would grow in their faith and ability to teach the Bible to others.  Pray for those listening to understand the foundational truths they are hearing.

Together with the Prai believers, Dave and Fran are preparing for the Prai Bible dedication event at the beginning of March. Pray that God will be glorified and His Word magnified.

There has been no word from the printing press about a delivery date for the Prai Bibles.  The last news was that the company had temporarily closed because of the coronavirus. Please pray that some of the Bibles can be sent express delivery before the dedication.

Later in March, a number of those taking responsibility in the Prai church will join together for sessions on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the church and clarifying future direction. Pray that God would encourage these men and women to work together in strengthening the church and reaching out to villages who have not heard the good news.

Just two weeks before Dave and Fran leave for a five-week home assignment elders will be ordained in the Knife Creek Church. Pray for these men taking on this commitment.