Love and forgiveness

During the past week, the team has dealt extensively with the topics “love” and “forgiveness”. They were all reminded that they can do nothing in and of themselves and that unconditional love is something only possible as the Holy Spirit lives and works in and through them.
They have experienced in the team how badly they can hurt each other, but also how wonderful it is when God brings about forgiveness and love in their hearts through His Spirit. Please pray for them as a team, but above all, for each of them personally, that they would stand firm in the faith, and that their lives, feelings, thoughts and actions would be led of the Holy Spirit and that they would allow Him to change them.
In Bali, Ben and Wina’s house is almost done! Due to the rough seas, the electrician didn’t go with them to Bali so Benjamin, together with co-workers Stephen and Josh, had to set up the solar/electric system themselves. But that is all finished and now they have had electricity and running water in their house .The kitchen is almost completely functional, as well. The painting of most of the inside walls and finishing varnishing the floor still remains to be done. Noah’s room and the office still need a lot of work. But Ben and Wina are continually overwhelmed at how God has carried, helped and encouraged them all the way through the building phase. Prayer had a large part in that and they are very grateful to all who prayed. There were almost always volunteers from the village that helped them here and there, and up until the middle of February there were also two men from Northern Ireland who were a huge, huge help with every aspect of the building and even just their presence was a great encouragement.
Something which is also very encouraging to Ben and Wina is how God has provided for them financially and they can buy the last few building supplies as well as the food they’ll need without a bad conscience! Their hearts are filled with thanksgiving to the Lord.
Recently the whole team went from Bali to Hoskins on a little passenger ship. Unfortunately the seas were a little rough so many of them got seasick and it was a fourteen hour boat ride! They had walked for one hour just to get to the boat (stepping over three snakes) and an hour long drive to Hoskins. It was a hard journey and it took some of them a few days to recover. But they had the conference for the “Eastern Area” of NTM in Papua New Guinea to look forward to; as well as supply buying for the next four months on Bali.
During their next months in Bali they hope to be better able to control all of their email communications with a mobile phone and they hope to still be able to send prayer letters/updates, even if it has to be without many pictures. On their return to Bali Ben and Wina will probably take a few weeks to finish up with their house and then officially start with language and culture learning. Pray for Ben and Wina and the team during this intensive time.

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