Lots to be thankful for….

Phil and Elin have much to thank the Lord for as He has blessed them through the provision of a new truck! After one and a half years of waiting, it has finally arrived! A BIG THANK YOU to those who have prayed and given towards this vehicle.
God also blessed Phil and Elin with safe travels to and from West Africa and a special time of fellowship with their co-workers there. The safe arrival of Callie for her summer break and their partners, Francois and Nadia Hattingh returning after home assignment are also reasons for thankfulness. They are enjoying being a whole team once again!
Two more literacy classes have started. A local teacher is working with a group of ten semi-literates in the community and Elin is working with a group of eight illiterate ladies from the Believers’ Group who are anxious to learn to read God’s Word on their own.
Praise the Lord Phil and Elin were able to renew their work permits in record time for another year. They are thankful that next month they will be able to spend solid time in the village, Phil working on translation and teacher training and Elin working with the literacy class. Their only scheduled trip is to take Callie to the airport next week for her to fly out to Rift Valley Academy for her 9th grade year; she is very excited to start high school and to get back to see her friends. Elias will be starting school at the same time (grade 7) and will keep going with his Portuguese classes that he has started up this summer.
Pray for Callie as she returns to RVA and for a good school year for both children.
Also pray for the literacy classes. The ladies Elin is working with are struggling but are very determined!
Phil and his translation team need prayer for continued growth of the believers and for strength as they begin to translate the life of David followed by 1 Corinthians. One group of believers is studying Ephesians while the other group is finishing up the life of Elijah.

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