Lord of the harvest

It is now rainy season in West Africa and the people spend long days working in their fields, doing all they can, in the hopes of reaping a good harvest to sustain them for the coming year. The missionaries in one of the villages are not be able to do formal Bible teaching right now, but they pray that the seeds of God’s Word, which have been planted in the peoples hearts, will also take root and grow, resulting in a plentiful spiritual harvest!

There have been times of discouragement for the missionaries as the villagers are so preoccupied with many things that seem more important to them than listening to God’s Word. Yet, they rejoice when God allows them to see that certain people are thinking about what they have been hearing or when they express that they are looking forward to the teaching. The missionaries keep reminding themselves that their responsibility is simply to be faithful in what God has entrusted to them.

The next Bible lessons for this people group will be challenging to teach since they are about prophecies rather than being in story form, as was the case for previous lessons. It is not easy for the missionaries to know how to keep the thread of God’s story going without overwhelming those listening with a ton of information. Pray for the one preparing these lessons. The language helpers are only available to help on Mondays, which makes for slow progress. It is also challenging for them to prepare the accompanying Bible passages, which can be hard to understand without all the context. They hope it will be possible to resume the teaching once the next three lessons are ready.

Specific prayer requests

⁃ Pray for the missionary preparing these next challenging lessons and that his language helpers will be available to help.

⁃ Pray for the missionary working on the translation of Old Testament passages.

⁃ Pray for the missionaries’ children who are now back in the village. Pray for their adjustment to village life and home schooling once again, and pray for the volunteer, who will be arriving next month to help home school them.

⁃ Pray that the people will have a thirst for God’s Word and make attending the teaching a priority despite this busy time of working in the fields.

Regular prayer requests

⁃ Pray that the people will desire to listen to the teaching, and that nothing will prevent them from attending.

⁃ Pray that the sessions would be free from disruptions and that people would be able to follow and clearly understand God’s message.

⁃ Pray that God will work in hearts and draw people to Himself.

⁃ Pray for the missionary team – of one family and a single person currently on home assignment.