Lord, help!

Only five new students joined the missionary college in Colombia, Latin America, this year; so, instead of 35 like last year, they only have 28 students in the four years of training. Is this the end? In 1980, at the beginning of the Missionary College, there were three students. They graduated and continue to work with the mission today to get the Gospel to the least reached groups. So, it was a little disappointing to receive only five, but God can do great things through a few who listen to Him.

Stephen and Helena Brown who serve at the college thank God for each of the students but realise that they need someone to get the word out in the churches. Pray that the Lord would provide someone dedicated to challenging people to give their lives for cross-cultural church planting.

So many classes to teach and not enough teachers. “Lord, help!” That was Stephen and Helena’s prayer in December and January.

The Lord answered with a student, who graduated from the college in December. He is doing a great job teaching the first-year students at least four hours per week, so it is easy to see that they wouldn’t have been able to do it without his help. His wife is in her last year of the training.

Other graduates of 2023 are helping with three subjects, as one of the teachers had to go to the mission office in Bogotá. They plan to visit different ethnic groups to see where the Lord would have them do church planting.

Yet another graduate from last year, is helping teach phonetics and linguistics. She would like to do further studies in linguistics next year at the mission’s training centre in the USA. Pray for the eleven graduates of 2023 that the Lord would provide them with people who will pray for them, support them, and encourage them in their plans for cross-cultural church planting.

And pray for more teachers for the college too.

Stephen has up to 17 hours of class per week at the end of the term; please pray for wisdom and strength. The enemy, Satan, is prowling around looking for ways to devour teachers and students, and hinder God’s work. Although they are encouraged with the growth in the students, they know that the enemy is not on vacation. Thank you for praying.

Their oldest daughter Ashley is considering beginning her midwifery training in Colorado this autumn, to better serve in missions. Pray that the Lord would provide her with a better job in the next few months; to have enough funds to start her training. Amy their middle daughter is doing well at Ethnos 360 Bible Institute. She would appreciate your prayers for a summer job to save up for the next term. Grace their youngest daughter is continuing her schooling.

One of their church members who has a school bus route, has been bringing six to ten unsaved children from his bus route to church! Helena and Grace are excited about teaching them the Gospel. Pray for their salvation. Pray for unity in the church.

Thank you for your prayers.