Looking Up

Dennis and Valerie Easton with Lael, Aria, Quinn, Cambree and Theo Easton have been looking up a lot lately – literally and figuratively. It has been 13 weeks since they came out of the village in the Philippines for a short two-week break. They had planned to return to the village in March, continue with the chronological teaching and finish by mid-May. Their intention was to be arriving back in Canada about now (early June) for their home assignment.

However, they are still unable to return. In the meantime, they are enjoying each other’s company, beholding breathtakingly beautiful clouds, and growing and resting in their faith, with a precious hope and a glorious Gospel to share!

Dennis and Valerie are really hoping that they can soon move back to their village home. Please pray for them as a family as they learn to wait.

Dennis is making progress on writing Bible lessons in Ga’dang that he will be able to use when they are able to teach again. Valerie and the kids are still working on school subjects with the materials they have. It looks like they will be schooling through the summer but with a lighter load.

Once they get back into the village and are able to safely meet as a group, they hope to continue the lessons where they left off. Their home assignment plans are on hold until they finish teaching these lessons.

It has been a blessing to be quarantined with another family and they have enjoyed working on music together.

Continue to pray for the Ga’dang people in their village to have soft hearts toward the Lord and be ready to hear the Gospel.

Thank the Lord for His protection over the people and the missionaries during this time. They are following the government’s regulations regarding their return in order to maintain their protection.

Praise the Lord for His goodness, faithfulness and mercy.

Pray for the world – broken and suffering – for many to hear the Gospel of the Prince of Peace.