Looking to the LORD

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve among the Glarro people in Liberia.

Aaron and his language helper have almost finished going over the chronological Bible teaching lesson number six again. They will try to finish it after Aaron and Amy get back from their break, but before the church planting consultant arrives on January 31st.

The sixteen-hour trip from their village to where they are taking a break was passable but very bumpy. It was not until a few hours after their arrival that their bodies stopped feeling bumps. Aaron and Amy are thankful to God for safety and that they can have a break and spend some encouraging time with friends.

They are resting up for one more week, and then head to Monrovia (a three-hour drive from where they are staying)

Towards the end of January, they will drive back to the village and get ready for their consultant and leadership visit.

They thank the Lord for all that has been accomplished this past year, and the progress made in making Bible lessons

Pray that they continue to learn to trust God’s decisions more than their own, and that they follow his leading.

Thank you for your prayers for the missionary team and the Glarro people.