Looking to God

Andrew and Joanna McCready’s daughter Chloe was born earlier this month. Despite restrictions, they had a wonderful experience in the hospital and Andrew was able to be with Joanna for the delivery. God blessed them with a Christian midwife and they are grateful for a healthy baby girl. After one night in the hospital, Joanna and Chloe were able to return home. Joanna continues to recover and they are all doing well and enjoying time as a family of four. They are thankful for the blessing that people have been to them recently.

It is hard for them to know what will happen in the next few weeks and months. They are able to stay in their current house until June. They are looking to God for another place to stay for the remaining time that they will spend in Northern Ireland. Their plan is still to return to Asia-Pacific as soon as that is possible.

In the meantime, due to the closing of all restaurants Andrew (he worked as a chef) is currently at home. This gives him the time though to continue with his language studies and he has set up a schedule to study each day. Some of their meetings had to be cancelled but they know God also holds all this in His hands. Pray that they find opportunities to share with others about God’s love.

Manoah is very excited about his baby sister. He misses being able to see his grandparents.

As you continue to pray for Asia-Pacific please pray for protection, health and joy for the missionaries who are still in the country; also for the church family there and for open doors to share about the hope there is in Christ.

Andrew and Joanna are eager to return. They would value your prayers for that to happen and that God will prepare people’s hearts to work with them when they return. They will be returning to a new region.