Looking back and to the future

Reflecting on God’s faithfulness in their lives, Richard and Wendy share an update from Southeast Asia mainland where they serve, and they are looking forward to the things that He has in store for them this year.

During 2023, Richard taught an elderly man with no Bible background. Currently they are studying the life of Christ. Jesus has been clearly introduced as the Son of God, the One promised to come and save man from sin and death. In just a few weeks, this man will be learning about the death and resurrection of Christ. Pray that he would understand his need for the Saviour and trust in Christ alone for his salvation.

Pray for Richard as he prepares the lessons for teaching. After teaching through the life of Christ, he will continue to teach some main stories in Acts and continue on to Christ reigning for all eternity as revealed in the Book of Revelation. These later lessons still need to be developed before they can be taught.

Richard has also been teaching the Bible at two other locations. To a very poor family with six children, and to a couple that profess to be Christians, but have little understanding of God’s Word. The family with six children have since moved to a settlement across the border and they no longer have contact with them. Richard continues to teach the other couple. Pray for both these families, that they will grow in their understanding of who God is and that salvation comes through faith alone.

There is another family that they have known for many years who profess to follow God as a result of Wendy’s father’s teaching many years ago. Praise God that the legal situation this family were involved with has been resolved. Richard and Wendy have wanted to have a more active role in teaching and discipling them. For several months now, they have had a weekly Bible study together. It is an answer to prayer that they are wanting to learn from God’s Word.

Back in May, Wendy had a good trip to Ireland to visit her Mum and Aunt Betty. They travelled around visiting friends and relatives in Northern Ireland and England.

Their daughter Megan graduated in May and returned to Ethnos360 Bible Institute as an intern working in the childcare department. Please pray for her as she seeks God’s leading in her life for when she finishes her one year internship. She will probably settle in Pennsylvania and get involved in the church that she attends there. She would like to be involved with missions.

Their son Caleb spent last summer salmon fishing in Alaska. He is in his second year of the two year Bible School course. Please pray for him as he seeks God’s leading as far as what to after he graduates in May. He would like continue with mission training, but needs to establish some roots in the USA and become part of a local church.

The Pwo Karen missionary team has expanded. After recently finishing up their national language study two more missionaries have come and joined the team. They have started renting a house in the village and some renovation work is still being done. The plan is for them to move in sometime in January and start learning the Pwo Karen language. They are very excited to have them on the team.

In October, Richard and Wendy moved to another part of the village. The main reason for moving was to be closer to where their new co-workers will be living, but their “new” house is also in a much better location for interacting with the Pwo Karen community. Pray that they would build close relationships with the people in their new neighbourhood.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, they have been asked to work on Bible translation, which they started a few years ago, but with Wendy’s responsibilities teaching home school, it did not work out. Now with only two kids at home, they are going to start again. The plan is to work together as a couple dividing up the different parts of the process. Pray for Richard and Wendy as they go forward with this very important job. Pray for members of the community to give them the help they need.

Looking ahead to the summer of 2024, Richard, Wendy, and their two younger daughters are planning another trip to the USA, in order to attend Caleb’s graduation from Ethnos360 Bible Institute and move their daughter Rachel to the USA for her first year of Bible school. They only plan to stay in the USA for three or four months.

Pray for:
• The Bible teaching, salvation and spiritual growth.
• Bible lesson development.
• Their two new team members as they settle in and start language and culture study, and for good friends to help them learn the language well.
• Bible translation and for the needed helpers.
• Megan and Caleb and their future plans.
• Rachel as she finishes her time in Southeast Asia mainland and moves on to a new stage in life.
• Home assignment plans.

Thank you for your prayers.