Looking back

They enjoyed lots of activities with their family and are thankful for time with Ragnar’s mum. They were encouraged to be able to share what God is doing among the Kankana-ey with several churches, as well as with individuals in many homes.

Several folks mentioned that they would like to assist with the reprinting of the New Testament which they trust is coming up in 2017. Others showed interest in supporting the ‘Curriculum Project’. God’s faithfulness in seeing these projects move forward is amazing! They are extremely thankful for the interest shown in helping them with these projects.

Recently, back in the Philippines, they were so blessed with an encouraging few days with church planting consultants. The hours seemed to slip by quickly as they covered a few things concerning finishing up Phase I, followed by the first few steps in starting Phase II. Ragnar and Elizabeth are very thankful for the men’s years of experience and wisdom, plus their willingness to take the time to share it with them.

They were excited that most of the binders with the lessons they printed and handed out to Kankanaey believers for corrections or illustrations have been returned. Now they are in the middle of going through all of their suggestions and comments, making the necessary changes to the lessons. As they have finished teaching these lessons to the faithful group in Balangbang, they hope to visit with each family individually and talk with them about the things they have been studying.

Thank you for praying Ragnar and Elizabeth during times of hellos and good byes; times when they are travelling or sitting at their desks working on the lessons; times when they are enjoying being surrounded by their Kankana-ey friends or enjoying a cup of coffee with guests at home; times when they are discouraged or very inspired with their recent progress. They appreciate your faithfulness and continued prayer.

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