Looking ahead

Angelika has been on home assignment in Germany since mid-February. Her plan is to return to Southeast Asia in mid-August. She has been blessed with warm fellowship with many: through personal visits with family and friends as well as during the visits in churches and various smaller groups where she could share about her ministry over the previous two years in Southeast Asia.

Believe it or not, she had to get used to the way of life, the climate, and even the culture in Germany again, but the Lord let her see His goodness and presence in all of it!

Angelika has been travelling quite a bit. The longest trip was to visit her brother and his family in America. That was very special because she had not seen her brother for many years, and his kids have grown so much! She also visited North Cotes College where she trained. It was such a joy for her to see the teachers and staff there again because they are always such an encouragement. She also had the opportunity to help at the Ethnos360.de headquarters twice, once in the kitchen and then helping with childcare during a seminar week. Being there is like coming home for her because the staff are like family. They help in so many ways enabling Angelika to serve overseas. She is so thankful to the Lord for these brothers and sisters whom He has called to do this supportive ministry.

Once back in Southeast Asia, with her colleague Sara, the plan is to join a church planting ministry in November. They will first have to learn the language and culture of the Eastern Pwo Karen people, both totally new to them. For Sara it will be the second new language she needs to learn, for Angelika it is the first one, a totally new experience!

Initially they will be busy getting ready for the move from the city to the village. That again will include ´saying goodbyes` to friends and neighbours in the city where they have lived so far. They would appreciate your prayers for a safe and uneventful move and settling-in in their new place of ministry. Please continue to pray for their friends and neighbours in the city, that HE will bring other believers into their lives, so that they may get to know Him.

All the glory goes to the LORD and Saviour Who alone deserves the honour and praise because HE came down to us, lived among us, and made a way for us to have fellowship with HIM again! HE is greatly to be praised! Thank you for your faithfulness in having a part in His work of reaching the nations with His good and so vital message through prayer.


– For a wonderful time with family and friends during home assignment

– For His goodness and protection during trips


– That the visas would be granted for their return in August

– For grace in saying goodbyes to friends in the city

– For strength and wisdom for the new ministry

– For language helpers who are willing to teach them their language