Look back and marvel

The Tousch family spent Christmas and New Years’ day with the people in the village. They gathered together and had community meals on both occasions. For New Year the people make noise by hitting drums and blowing into bamboo pipes. That is their local way of celebrating a western custom.
They are now in the rainy season. Most days it rains a lot but there is usually some sunshine too.
Another notable event was when a young girl came to tell Aurélie and her co-worker Nisae that her mother was about to give birth. They both went to see her and it looked like the woman was very soon going to deliver the baby. But time went on and things started to get complicated, and the village ladies were all very worried. According to their beliefs, there had to be a spiritual reason for the problem. Aurélie and Nisae decided to call a doctor, but at the same time the mobile phone network was experiencing problems countrywide and they were unable to get hold of the doctor! They were totally helpless but they knew God was in control and he is the great healer. They prayed and asked him to save the mother and the baby. Aurélie and Nisae went back with the ladies and waited. As time went on their hopes to see the child alive were lessening, particularly as the last time this woman gave birth, the child was stillborn. The missionary team prayed; this lady had not heard the gospel yet, so she was not ready to die. In the middle of the night, God answered their prayers! The child was born, a baby girl and she was alive! What a relief it was for them to see and hear her cry. The child looks healthy and the mother is recovering. Thank you for your prayers for the people to see God at work!
Language learning is still on going, André and Aurélie’s first language check is due next month. This will help them evaluate how well they are progressing. As they spend time with the people, the team get to know them at a deeper level, especially the ones who help them with language learning. The people open up and share their burdens. Pray for the missionary team as they show these people the love and compassion of the Saviour.

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