Local church

In addition to the Bible, there must also be people who can read and understand it! There is still a need to teach literacy in the area of Paraguay where Erwin, Rita Penner and family are serving.

The Word of God needs to be taught and people need to be changed by the Holy Spirit!

Praise the Lord, the Bible revision keeps going. Currently the books of Joshua and Matthew are being translated. It is a lot of work and always challenging for everyone involved, but also a blessing, because God’s Word does not return to Him empty!

In the last few months, Erwin, Rita, and family have been travelling a lot with their local church, sometimes just for a day, but there have also been longer visits of up to four days. The main reason being to visit and serve other churches; but for Erwin and Rita, it also helps them to get to know more villages and to see how the people live and talk, etc., as they are often more isolated than their friends who live near their small town. Sleeping and eating on such trips is very simple.

Pray for the missionary team, as they desire to see, “…the Word of Christ dwell in…” the people of Paraguay “…richly…” Colossians 3:16