The literacy programme run by the local Lolo church in Mozambique, began on April 10th and has run through the first week of July. They had a short break, and are now continuing. There are six literacy classes a day Monday to Friday. There are also two, post literacy, Bible study classes. Some of the classes should be finished already, while others finish at the end of August and maybe into September. As usual, there have been a variety of difficulties, but it never ceases to amaze Matt and Debi Zook, missionaries among the Lolo people, and it brings them joy to see how willing the children are to learn, and succeed. This year besides the small morning classes, the afternoon classes peaked at over 160 children a day. Right now, classes are running at around 50 children in the afternoon classes, which is a good sustainable number for the teachers. Please keep this in your prayers.

It is always great to pull out the Bibles once they are about 65% of the way through the programme and start reading through the book of Mark.

In May, Matt helped a believer and his family to move to another area. The husband is leading the translation work. They were able to conclude the consultant checking of 1 Chronicles 1-9 via internet in late June. Lord willing, they will finish the rest of 1 Chronicles in mid-September. A small office is being built in that area to facilitate translation. Please keep the translation work there in your prayers.

God opened doors and made it possible for Matt and Debi to renew their children’s visas in a timely fashion. It would take too long to tell the story. God helps them more than they realise, living in Mozambique provides many opportunities to call on the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord for His continued help.

Life has returned to normal after cyclone Freddy. People have repaired or are repairing their houses. Unfortunately, there was almost no rain in April, May or June. The staple crops were already harvested but the bean crop failed this year.

The young man living with Matt, Debi and family is doing really well. He has been a big blessing in many ways, not the least of which is in literacy. They needed an extra teacher and he has been doing a great job with the advanced class of six students. He reads the Bible with his class. He also has been doing various things to help around the house and has started using the computer a little bit, and enjoys chess.